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Brand Exposures

The level of exposure of your brand is unusually high when it is combined with the dynamic nature of toolbars. Having experience in various IT domains, we at CTDI are proficient in creating toolbars with proper functionality that promotes your brand in the best possible manner.

At CTDI, we aim to use the many advantages of the toolbars for promoting your brand online:

  • You can use the flexibility of the toolbar application to include features as required. Easily downloaded and embedded with the browser, it works wonders for promoting your brand identity.
  • One of the most significant functions of a toolbar is to constantly display and promote your brand and its attributes.
  • Since it occupies the topmost position in any browser, it immediately catches the attention of the users.
  • Get the exclusive advantage of the toolbar’s position.
  • Regularly present before the eyes of the user whenever they browse the net, it tends to promote your brand loyalty via repeated use and interaction with your site.
  • With the rich internet applications present today, you can customize the whole look and feel of your toolbar. Incorporate your objectives, be it branding or other, into the toolbar you need to present.
  • Toolbars also provide opportunities to further promote any upcoming tools and features of your brand. It familiarizes well in advance with the net surfers with your upcoming products and services.

Different ways to promote your brand via custom toolbar development:

  • Widgets
  • Instant search
  • News feed
  • Shortcuts to Pages
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